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American crime fiction has been thriving in recent decades, largely thanks to the efforts of writers like Michael Connelly. He has written several fantastic works, earning him a significant place among crime fiction famous Russian authors.. As many as 36 language versions of his books exist.

Michael has rightfully earned his position as one of the finest writers of his age, with over 74 million copies of his books in print across the globe and two of his novels turned into blockbuster films.

Connelly is the executive producer of Bosch, an Amazon Prime Original series starring Titus Welliver when he’s not busy writing books. In addition, he is the brains behind and voice of the innovative actual crime podcast Murder Book.

Authors Like Michael Connelly:

It’s no secret that Connelly is a crime fiction fanatic, so we’re excited to pass along his recommendations for his five all-time favorite mysteries and thrillers. But the fact that he was in the Vietnam War makes his story even more enjoyable.

In this first book, Bosch has to choose between what is right logically and what is right in his heart. As he investigates crimes for the FBI, he must choose between justice and revenge.

There are, of course, many books in the Harry Bosch series, from The Black Ice sequel to the most current Two Kinds Of Truth.

The way Connelly writes is interesting because of how he does it. In comments, he has said he doesn’t know where he’s going with it, but he has a feeling.

Michael Connelly has a gloomy writing style, with a few common themes in his books.

  • Crime
  • Future and history
  • Punishment versus atonement
  • Affection and Passion
  • Good against evil

If you’ve read any of these books or enjoy the sound of Connelly’s writing, then it’s time we gave you our recommendations for other writers similar to him.

1- Jeff Lindsay:

While Jeff Lindsay’s name may not be as well-known as that of Michael Connelly or John Grisham, the success of the television adaptation of his novel Darkly, Dreaming Dexter led to a significant increase in book sales.

The first book in the Dexter series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, introduces readers to Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department who aids in investigating horrific murders but harbors the secret that he is a psychotic serial murderer.

It’s worth mentioning that Lindsay authored factual books about his uncle-in-law Ernest Hemingway, but many of Jeff’s works as a crime writer are comparable to those of Michael Connelly’s; nonetheless, the Dexter series is by far the most popular and more in line with Connelly’s work.

2- Jeffrey Deaver:

Jeffrey Deaver is an American criminal and mystery writer who has written many well-received books. The autobiography writing services series, which includes big books like “The Bone Collector,” is probably his most famous series.

The series is about the main character, Lincoln Rhyme. He used to be one of the best criminologists and forensic agents in the world, but an awful accident put him out of work. A deadly serial killer pushed him to come back to work.

The series moves quickly, and you feel like you’re on the main character’s side as he tries to not only find the person who caused such terrible things to happen but also get back to the glory that made him famous in the first place.

3- Nelson Demille:

Nelson Demille is an American writer best known for his books full of tension and excitement.

He has written many character-driven book of stamps cost series, but one of the most famous ones is about John Corey.

John Corey used to be a murdered officer. Also, he had to leave the NYPD because he was shot three times.

Michael Connelly, on the other hand, left the CIA and joined the FBI. He now works with a group that fights terrorism.

He was first presented to us in the well-known book Plum Island, whose title comes from the part of Northern Long Island that our hero must explore while learning about himself and getting to know others.

4- John Grisham

When talking about crime novels, you can only get very far by mentioning John Grisham, one of the field’s best-known and most prominent names.

John Grisham is another great American author. Discover more about legal thriller authors like John Grisham.. He has won many awards for both his writing and other things he has done.

He has written forty-seven number-one bestsellers in a row, which might be the most fantastic thing about him.

But while John Grisham and Michael Connelly write in the same general field and have some similarities, there are also some apparent differences.

John Grisham’s books often focus on the legal aspects and the “courtroom” side of crime, while Connelly’s books primarily focus on finding the truth outside the courtroom.

Still, it’s hard to find better writers in this genre. And many of the ideas in Connelly’s books are clear in John Grisham’s books, which we’ll examine in a moment.

Some of the books by John Grisham that you should read are listed below.

Fans love the movie A Time to Kill, about a father whose black daughter was beaten and raped by two white nationalists.

This book was the first in a run of books about Jake Brigance. Like Connelly, Grisham wrote a run of books about the same main character.

5- Harlan Coben

The last person on our list is an American crime. Also, a mystery writer whose works have recently been getting much attention. Because Netflix bought the rights to adapt several of his books.

He was the first writer to win the Edgar, Seamus, and Anthony awards thrice.

It tells the story of Adam Price; whose life seems to be going well. Two boys, a lady, a great house, and a great job.

But when the strange man shows up and tells him his true secrets, his life is turned upside down.

In the book, Adam tries to discover the truth about these secrets, who this mystery visitor is, and what her goals are. Along the way, he learns about some dark events.


In the years that followed, Michael Connelly wrote many books about Harry Bosch and Jack McEvoy. In addition to books, he wrote many short stories about crime. Sometimes, he even used some of his most famous characters in these stories. Connelly lives in Florida, and his writing business is still strong. Discover more about the career of successful authors.

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