What Are the Three Main Purposes of Writing?


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The art of writing has changed in a world full of texting, social media, and images. Despite this digital change, however, the three main purposes for writing have stayed steadfast and resilient. Writing has three main goals: teaching, persuading, and entertaining. This is applicable whether we are writing a novel, a business proposal, or a letter from the heart. In this piece, we’ll examine these three important goals and discuss their importance, effects, and the many ways they shape our lives.

1. What Are the Three Main Purposes for Writing?

The three main purposes of writing are to inform, persuade and entertain. This is a quick guide to these purposes, including how they differ and how each can be used in the workplace.

1.1 Inform: The Power of Knowledge

Informational writing is often used to teach or educate people on a topic. It usually contains facts, statistics and research that aim to give readers a comprehensive understanding of a subject. Informational writing can be found in many formats, including reports, articles, essays and manuals. A report is typically used when giving an analysis of something or presenting findings from research; an article is usually used when dealing with current events or trends; an essay is used when discussing a specific idea or topic; and a manual is used when explaining how something works or should be done.

1.2 To Persuade: The Art of Influence

Persuasion is one of the most important writing skills you can develop. Whether you’re writing an article, a report, or a romance novel covers, you want to convince your audience that your point of view is the only one that matters.

You can persuade people by making them feel emotions. If they feel anger at a political candidate, they’ll be more likely to vote against him or her. You can also use facts and figures to persuade people of your point of view: If you say that fewer than half of all Americans have passports but more than 80 percent support free trade with Canada, then most voters will probably agree with you.

1.3 To Entertain: The Enchantment of Imagination

The most obvious purpose of writing is to tell stories and entertain readers. When we read fiction, we want to be taken on an adventure in which we learn about the world and ourselves. We want to be thrilled by love or terrified by horror. We want to be moved by tragedy and triumph. As writers, we need to take our readers on journeys through their imagination or the worlds we create for them. amazon book publisher services have a group of talented writers who can create content for entertainment.

2. The Significance of the Three Main Purposes for Writing

Writing is an integral part of human communication in its various forms and purposes. The three main purposes of writing are to fulfill our innate need for self-expression and to shape our personal, professional, and societal interactions.

2.1 Personal Significance: Expressing Our Inner Voice

“Why do we write?” This is a question that all writers face at some point during their careers. The answer to this question can be found in what writing is and how it works. Writing is a way to express our inner voice and help us tell our story. While most of us have been told not to talk in class since childhood, we are encouraged to do just that when we write! As writers, we share our thoughts through language on paper or screen.

Writing provides an outlet for expressing ourselves in a way that no other form of communication allows us to do so directly. It allows us to say things that we might not otherwise be able to say—or even realize—during everyday life. For example, if you were shy as a child and did not have many friends, writing may have been your outlet for expressing yourself because you were unable to express yourself verbally due to your shyness.

2.2 Professional Significance: Communication and Influence

When you write something, you want to get it read by other people so that they will understand what you have to say and perhaps agree with your ideas. You want to influence other people with your writing. This is especially true when you communicate on behalf of a company or organization with an agenda or purpose. In this case, your writing will directly impact people’s thoughts about the company or organization and what it stands for.

Communication is also important when writing for professional reasons — whether it’s an academic paper or a report for work — because your audience is expecting an answer to some kind of question or problem raised in their minds by previous reading or research on their part. For example, if someone reads an article about the importance of exercise, he might ask himself how much exercise he needs each day and how he should get it.

2.3 Societal Significance: Informing, Mobilizing, and Inspiring

Writing is an integral part of everyday life. We write to inform, mobilize, and inspire. Let’s discuss each point

  • Informing: To inform means to give someone new information. You might write a single letter to your friend about a concert you attended or write an essay about the causes of World War II.
  • Mobilizing: It means getting people to do something or help a cause. A newspaper editorial could ask for more money for public schools, or a blog post could tell people not to buy things made by businesses that use sweatshop labor.
  • Inspiring: Influence someone means to make them feel or think something that makes them want to change how they act or think. A book can make people want to go to new places, learn new skills, or try new things.


The three main purposes for writing—informing, persuading, and entertaining—unleash the transformative power of words. They shape our understanding, influence our decisions, and enrich our lives. Whether we write to educate, convince, or captivate, our words can resonate, inspire, and bring about change. So, let us embrace the art of writing, recognizing its profound significance in our personal growth, professional success, and societal advancement.


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