Tips How To Find The Publisher Of A Book Within A Day


If you’re a writer or an author, you’d probably want to know the publisher of a book. The publisher is the company who publishes your book and prints it. It’s their job to ensure your book gets promoted on time and sells properly. Here are the tips on how to find the publisher of a book within a day:

1. Get information about the book

The first thing you need to do is find out some basic information about the book. You should know its title, author and publisher. This can be done by looking at the front or back of the book or by searching online. The most convenient way to do this is through Google search. Just type in your book’s title and see what comes up. If you don’t know how to use Google, ask someone who does!

Get Information About The Book, similar to understanding the Difference Between Memoir and Autobiography

2. Look at the book title page

 On the title page of many books, you’ll find the publisher’s name, contact information and other details. It’s usually on the bottom right-hand side of the page, just below where it says “Printed in the USA.” If you have a hard copy of your book, check if an ISBN or Library of Congress number is printed. These numbers are unique identifiers for each edition and can tell which publisher published it.

This is probably the easiest way to find out who published your book. If you have an e-book, it would be quite easy as most of them have a link to their website on their title page. However, it might not be possible if you want to find out about paperbacks and hardcovers. Because they don’t have a link to their website or publisher name on them. But there is still hope! There are ways through which we can still find out who published the books without spending time searching online.

On the title page, similar to how How to Write a Book Title Including Examples explains the importance of title pages.

3. Check the back cover of the book

If you don’t have access to a physical copy of your book but do have access to an electronic version, look at its back cover for publisher information. The back cover should contain a copyright page that lists all previous editions of the book. It also contains any recent editions that this particular publisher published.

4. Try for the publisher’s name

 If you’re lucky enough that there’s a company logo on the cover of your book, try Googling it. If there’s no logo on your book, try searching for publishers with similar books or authors. You can also check websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble for more information on publishing companies and their books.

5. Go online

The internet is full of resources that can help you find an answer. The most basic option is to search for the author’s name and title of the work on Google or another search engine. You may also want to try using Amazon’s “Look Inside” function, which allows users to see book excerpts before purchasing them. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on these sites, move on to one that specializes in finding things such as literary agents and publishers:

6. Agent Query:

This site allows users to search by agent name or agency type (literary, foreign rights and so forth) as well as genre and word count range. It also provides links to agency websites where possible.

7. Literary Market Place:

LMP provides listings for literary agencies, publishers and contests throughout North America, with contact information for each entry. It also includes submission guidelines for many publishers and agents, which can be extremely helpful if you’re unsure how to query them effectively.

8. Find in Library

The library is also great for finding out which publisher was behind a book. Having access to a library can be very helpful in your research. Many libraries keep their record of publishers’ imprints and archives. They usually have an online catalogue and sometimes print books that list all the publishers they’ve had on their shelves. This information can be useful when trying to find out who published a book. Especially if there aren’t other resources available online or on Google Books.

9. Contact the publisher directly

If you are stuck, contact the publisher directly. Because it is the easiest way to find out who published your book is simply to contact them. Most publishers have an online form for sending inquiries and requests for information, so this will be your best bet if you don’t know who published your book.

10. Look at other books from the same publishing house

Most book publishers have style guides that they use when creating books and marketing materials for their authors (including websites). If there are other books from this publisher in your possession, compare those covers to see if they match up with what you’ve found online or through other sources. This can help narrow down who published your book if multiple companies seem like possible matches based on cover styles alone!

11. Follow the hints given in the book

If there is no title page, look for hints about who published it. For example, if there are acknowledgements or if it says “Published by so-and-so” on the back cover. The publisher’s name may also be mentioned on other pages (although this does not always help).

12. Check the copyright page of the book

The copyright page is usually located near the end at the back of the book. It contains information such as the author’s name, publishing company and date of publication. If you want to know who published a particular book, check this page.

13. Go through Amazon’s website to trace the publisher

Amazon is one of the best places for finding books online. It has a huge collection of books that you can easily browse through and purchase from there. To find out who published a particular book on Amazon, search for it by its title or author’s name, then click on its link in the search results. Once on that book’s page, look for an option called ‘Publisher’. Click on it, and you will see all publishers associated with this particular title or author listed here, along with links to their websites so that you can follow them up if required.

14. Check out publishing companies’ websites.

Look on Google or any other search engine for publishers’ websites. The publisher should be listed there, along with their contact information.


Finding information on a book’s publisher will allow you to gather basic information about the book. Information such as its release date and selling potential. You’ll also be able to set up a contact with the publishing company and review contracts.


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