9+ Non Fiction Books for 5th graders in 2024


In 5th grade, students start to explore deeper knowledge through reading. Non-fiction books are perfect for this because they teach facts about the world. This list includes nine great non-fiction books perfect for 5th graders in 2024. Each book is chosen to make learning exciting and meaningful. Let’s find out what books make reading a fun journey of discovery!

Benefits of Reading Non-Fiction

Reading non fiction books for 5th graders can do amazing things for young minds. These books are filled with real-world knowledge and interesting facts that help students understand the world around them. Kids learn more about people, places, animals, and historical events by reading non-fiction. This type of reading also helps students better understand and use information, which is a key skill in school. Additionally, non-fiction books can improve vocabulary and make students curious about different subjects.

Top 9 Non fiction Books for 5th Graders

When choosing non fiction books for 5th graders, it’s important to pick topics that will not only educate but also engage young minds. Here are nine outstanding non-fiction books that cover a range of fascinating subjects:

1.   The Wonders of Science

This book is a gateway to the universe of scientific knowledge. It introduces basic concepts and major discoveries in a way that’s easy for young readers to understand. Covering topics from physics to biology, the book uses vivid illustrations and clear explanations to ignite a passion for science.

2.   History Heroes

Dig into the past with stories of influential figures who have shaped our world. This book features a diverse set of leaders, thinkers, and pioneers from various epochs and cultures. Each chapter highlights the achievements and challenges of these historical figures, providing valuable lessons in resilience and innovation.

3.   Animal Kingdom Explored

Take an exciting trip into the world of animals. From the freezing Arctic to the lush Amazon rainforest, this book explores different animal habitats and the creatures that inhabit them. Readers will learn about the adaptations and behaviors that help animals survive in harsh environments, enhancing their understanding of biology and ecology.

4.   Earth’s Changing Climate

This timely book addresses the important issue of climate change. It explains the science behind global warming and its effects on our planet straightforwardly. The book encourages young readers to think about how they can contribute to Earth’s sustainability through simple, everyday actions.

5.   Space and Beyond

Journey through the cosmos with this fascinating guide to astronomy. The book covers everything from the Big Bang theory to the possibility of life on other planets. It includes the latest discoveries in space exploration and helps readers understand our place in the universe.

6.   Incredible Inventions

Discover the stories behind the great inventions that have transformed our lives. From the invention of the wheel to the development of the Internet, this book celebrates the spirit of innovation and creativity. It includes profiles of inventors and the historical context of their contributions, making it a rich source of inspiration.

7.   Our Bodies Inside Out

Explore human anatomy with this comprehensive guide to the body’s systems. The book uses detailed diagrams and easy-to-understand text to explain how our organs work together to keep us alive and healthy. It also discusses common health issues and how to maintain good health, making it a practical resource for young learners.

8.   Cultures Around the World

Experience the diversity of global cultures with this engaging exploration of different societies. From traditional customs to modern lifestyles, the book provides a colorful look at how people live worldwide. It encourages respect and appreciation for cultural differences, fostering a sense of global citizenship.

9.   Presidents and Leaders

Gain insights into the lives and legacies of significant political figures. This book covers U.S. presidents and other influential leaders, examining their decision-making processes and the impacts of their policies. It aims to build an understanding of political leadership and its role in shaping history.

How to Choose the Right Non-Fiction Book for Your Child?

Choosing the right non fiction books for 5th graders can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some simple tips to help you pick a book that will match your child’s interests and reading level:

  • Consider Their Interests: Think about what topics your child enjoys most. Do they love learning about animals, space, or different places? Picking a book about a subject they like can make reading more enjoyable.
  • Look at the Language: Make sure the book uses easy language for your child to understand. It should be challenging enough to help them learn new words but not so difficult that it frustrates them.
  • Check the Pictures and Layout: Books with many pictures, diagrams, and a clear layout can help explain complex ideas and keep your child engaged.
  • Read Reviews and Recommendations: Look for books that have good reviews from other parents, teachers, and kids. You can also ask for recommendations at your local library.
  • Choose Updated and Accurate Information: Books must contain the most current information, especially for topics like science and geography.

For more great book ideas and reading tips, visit Alpha Book Writers, a resource that helps parents and educators choose the best reading materials for their kids.

Incorporating Non-Fiction into Daily Reading Routines

Reading non fiction books for 5th graders daily can be a wonderful habit. Here are some easy tips to help include non-fiction reading in your child’s day:

  • Set a Regular Reading Time: Pick a time each day for reading, like after dinner or before bedtime. Making reading a regular part of your child’s day helps them look forward to it.
  • Mix It Up: It’s good to read different kinds of books. Along with non-fiction, add some stories (fiction) to the mix. This keeps reading fun and interesting.
  • Talk About What They Read: Use the information from the books daily. For example, if your child reads a book about plants, you could talk about it while you plant or water the garden.
  • Visit the library Often: Libraries have lots of new books to explore. Going to the library can be fun, letting your child find new topics they might love.
  • Link Books with Fun Activities: If they read a book about space, they could watch a movie or visit a space museum. This helps make what they learn from the book more exciting and real.


Exploring non fiction books for 5th graders opens up a world of knowledge and excitement for young readers. The nine books we discussed provide a great starting point. By reading non-fiction, children learn and develop a curiosity about the world. Encourage your child to get into these books and watch their understanding and interest in real-world topics grow.

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