8 Authors Like Colleen Hoover, Who Write Heart-Wrenching Romances


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Romance novels are a guilty pleasure for many readers. They provide an escape from the mundane world and allow us to get lost in a world of love and passion. Colleen Hoover is an author who is known for writing heart-wrenching romances that will have you sobbing by the end of the book. Her writing style is unique and captivating, making it difficult to put her books down. However, if you have already read all of her books and are looking for something similar, many other authors write books that will make you cry, laugh, and fall in love all over again. In this article, we will discuss eight authors who write heart-wrenching romances similar to Colleen Hoover’s books.

1. Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is an author who writes emotional and heart-wrenching stories that will leave you in tears. Her book, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,” is a beautiful story of love, loss, and redemption. It tells the story of a Hollywood icon who reveals the secrets of her life to a struggling journalist. This book will leave you breathless and wanting more.

If you are looking for a book that will make your heart ache, then Colleen Hoover is the author for you. Her books are known for their intense emotion and realistic characters. One of her most popular books is “Maybe Someday,” which tells the story of two people who fall in love after meeting at a music festival. However, they must overcome many obstacles to be together permanently. This book will touch your heart like no other!

2. Sarah Jio

Sarah Jio is an author who writes emotionally charged stories that will tug at your heartstrings. Her book, “Blackberry Winter,” is a beautiful story of a mother’s love and determination to find her missing child. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you in tears by the end.

Another of my favorite books by Sarah Jio is “The Violets of March.” The story follows three generations of women dealing with grief and loss after their husbands die in World War II. It’s just as heartbreaking as “Blackberry Winter,” but it also has a touch of romance.

3. Abbi Glines.

Abbi Glines is the author behind the Rosemary Beach and The Vincent Boys series, among others. Her books are always full of angst and drama, but they also bring happiness into their storylines. If you like reading about broken characters who end up falling in love with each other despite their flaws (and sometimes because of them), then you should check out this author!

4. Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an author known for writing romantic stories that will leave you in tears. His book, “The Notebook,” is a beautiful story of a love that lasts a lifetime. This book will leave you feeling hopeful and in love.

Nicholas Sparks has written over twenty-five novels, but his most famous is the novel The Notebook. In 2004, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams starred in a movie based on this book. The movie won several awards and was so successful that it was remade into a television series in 2016. Sparks’ novels are all written from a first-person point of view, making them easy to relate to as the reader becomes part of the story. You can find many books from notable authors through book writers for hire.

5. John Green

John Green is an author who writes emotionally charged stories that will tug at your heartstrings. His book, “The Fault in Our Stars,” is a beautiful story of two teenagers who fall in love while battling cancer. This book will leave you in tears by the end.

John Green has written many other books that are as heart-wrenching as his first one. “Looking for Alaska” is about Miles Halter, who goes to boarding school and meets Alaska Young, a girl with her secrets and past. Miles falls hard for Alaska, but she breaks his heart when she leaves without saying goodbye.

Another great novel by John Green is “Paper Towns.” In this book, Quentin Jacobsen searches for his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman after she disappears one night after stealing his car and leaving clues for him to follow her around town so he can find her again.

Colleen Hoover’s novels are some of the best books out there if you’re looking for an emotional read. Her first romance novel, “Slammed,” tells the story of Layken Statham and Will Cooper, who meet in high school where they have an instant connection, but it’s not until years later that they start seeing each other again

6.Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is a great author if you like big family dramas with a lot of strife and drama. Her books have a lot of turns and twists that will keep you predicting right up until the end. “My Sister’s Keeper” explores some tough themes like terminal illness, abortion and organ donation while also telling a beautiful story about sibling relationships. If you’re looking for a romance novel covers that will make you cry happy tears while making your heart swell with love, check out one of Jodi Picoult’s novels today!

7. Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman’s books If I Stay, Where She Went, and Just One Day are all best sellers. Her books have been converted into more than thirty languages, and Amazon, the New York Times, USA Today, People, Entertainment Weekly, and BookPage all named them one of the year’s best books.

Gayle was born and raised in New Jersey. She got her BFA in film editing from Boston University. After college, she worked as an actor before coming to Los Angeles to try to become a screenwriter. When that didn’t work, she returned to New York City and started writing books.

8. Marie Lu

The Legend trilogy author is known for her action-packed plot lines and swoon-worthy love stories. Her series features two star-crossed lovers who meet under the most unfortunate circumstances — one is even sentenced to death!


Colleen Hoover is a well-known romance author who has captured many’s hearts with heart-wrenching stories. However, if you have read her books and are looking for something similar, many other authors write heart-wrenching romances. From Taylor Jenkins Reid to Jojo Moyes, these authors will take you on an emotional journey you won’t forget.

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