7 Top Grant Writing Certifications In 2023


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With the growing number of non-profit organizations aiming to secure funding for their causes, the demand for skilled grant writers has risen significantly. Obtaining a certification is an excellent starting point if you’re considering a career in grant writing.

Becoming a grant writer is often misconceived as a path to freelancing with uncertain income. However, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth because numerous writing services are available that hire experts in the field. This makes finding individuals with the right skills easier for non-profit organizations.

To help you navigate this journey, the amazon book publisher services brings you this guide to explore some of the top grant writing certifications for 2023.

1) Skillshare Grant Writing: Grant Writing Basics

Skillshare offers a 50-minute course covering the basics of creative and technical writing, persuasive writing, grant format, tips, and more. 

“Grant Writing Basics” is divided into 10 lessons. Upon completion, you’ll have the opportunity to test your skills with three comprehensive projects, which can be completed at your own pace. You’ll receive an online certificate that you can download and print.

This course caters to beginners and experts, helping you grasp the fundamentals and intricate aspects of the research process, addressing funders, and more. The instructor boasts 20 years of experience in the field, making complex writing aspects appear easy.

However, it’s essential to note that this course primarily focuses on writing grant proposals for schools and non-profit organizations. 

The course is free for Skillshare subscribers, with a monthly membership cost of $169. The investment is well worth it, but you’ll also need time to practice writing grant proposals for different niches.

2) Grant Writing Certification – Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ’s Grant Writing Certification Course covers essential and advanced concepts that every professional grant science fiction writer should know. It also includes teacher feedback on a graded capstone project.

The course delves into practical grant writing concepts, covering research, presentations and networking. It also locates potential funding sources that align with your organization’s goals. It stands out for its focus on stellar proposal writing, an area often lacking in other writing courses.

Josh, a certified grant writer with over a decade of experience, teaches this course. Moreover, this course includes seven quizzes, a certification test, and a capstone project. The comprehensive content offered by Technical Writer HQ has earned it some of the best ratings in the writing industry.

3) Udemy – Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers

Udemy’s grant writing certification targets beginners looking to enter the world of grant writing, whether as freelancers or under non-profit organizations. It focuses on enhancing research and technical writing skills to prepare you for applying for government grants.

The course, led by Tim Whitney, who has secured many multi-million dollar grants, offers 17 lectures, totaling an hour and 34 minutes of learning. It provides students with real-life examples, strategies for crafting successful grant proposals, and guidance on the language to use when addressing different entities.

This course also covers non-technical aspects of being a writer, such as building relationships and thinking like funders.. Keep an eye out for discounts, as Udemy often offers promotional pricing, potentially reducing the course fee to as low as $11.99.

A unique feature of this certificate program is that you gain free lifetime access to course resources once you enroll. This allows you to revisit the content whenever needed.

4) Professional and Academic Proposal Writing (Thompson Rivers University)

This 30-week certification is an excellent all-around program for beginners and intermediate writers. It’s applicable across various sectors, including government, education, art, health, and non-profits. The course equips students with skills like developing grant proposals, efficient budgeting strategies, and more..

While this program covers many fundamentals, it has limited resources on interpersonal skills. This makes it suitable for those entirely new to and seeking to learn its foundational principles.

The course costs between $695 and $1258, inclusive of reading material and shipping costs for study materials.

5)A to Z Grant Writing (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

The A-to-Z Grant Writing certification course is designed to equip students with the skills to craft compelling grant proposals. It captures the attention of potential funders and increases their chances of securing grants for various projects.

What makes this course particularly outstanding is its versatility. It’s not limited to any specific sector within the grant purposes of writing landscape. 

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Linda Vallejo, an experienced instructor, leads this course. Her expertise adds a personal touch to the learning experience, making it engaging and practical.

In addition to imparting the technical aspects of grant writing, this course goes a step further by introducing students to essential skills beyond the confines of a desk. So, whether you opt for the 6-week instructor-led course at $135 or the self-paced 3-month journey priced at $100, you’re taking a significant step toward becoming a proficient grant writer. 

6) WVDO Certificate in Grant Writing

This 9-week certification course is designed to help individuals transition into grant writing from other writing disciplines. There are no prerequisites, making it accessible to those with limited or no experience in writing.

The course focuses on building industry-specific experience in writing for non-profit organizations. Students use pre-made letters and reference materials to craft proposals upon course completion. Each enrollment section accommodates a maximum of 15 students, ensuring individualized attention.

To apply for this certification, you must submit an updated resume showcasing your writing and communication skills and interest in the program.

The cost of this certification is $900. However, students who cannot afford the full tuition fee can request financial assistance.

7) University of Georgia: Fundamentals of Grants

This course suits beginners and writers looking to establish a strong foundation in writing detailed and successful grant applications. The syllabus, cost, and course duration offered by the University of Georgia make it an ideal choice for potential grant writers, regardless of their prior knowledge of grant writing.

Upon completion, students receive 2.4 credits, allowing university students to integrate this certification into their degree program without losing valuable time.


Grant writing isn’t just about enhancing your expertise; it’s about contributing to causes that can positively impact people’s lives. 

Becoming a highly skilled grant writer is crucial in this endeavor. We recommend enrolling in one of the courses mentioned above to expand your career prospects and support those in need by crafting the most compelling grant proposals.

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